Make it Heard without Words- Importance of Power Dressing

Originated by a suit of the famous brand Chanel in the 1920s and officially born in the 1980s, power dressing is an expression of today’s corporate women, hence just not a fashion style. It enables women to stand out in Male-Dominated World and empowers their authority professionally and politically. The old notion of men working for high paid jobs is a thing of the past. Women are walking shoulder to shoulder with a steady pace and have reached high-power job profiles and positions.

Power Dressing plays a vital role in your career, and one should dress rightfully for the position they thrive for. It doesn’t mean dressing can take you places, but also your poise, body language, attitude, confidence, and the way you carry yourself are indeed important too. Your dress showcases not only your style but your intelligence and leadership skills. Any extraordinary woman dressed up properly in a charismatic and urbane power dress will create its stamp in the rat race of the corporate world.

Here, we discuss how you create an impact on others when armored in power dress:

1. Breaking Typecasts

Gone are the days when we believed in the saying Dress to Impress because it’s time for Dress to Express. As clearly stated above, power dressing is just not a style it’s an expression because your intelligence and intellect are enough to impress others but your attire expresses authority and commandment. If you feel good and poised in your attire, your approach will inevitably become confident. What you wear is what you feel about yourself, Just Remember!

2. Cook Respect

Ever thought about how these beautiful powerful ladies like Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Oprah Winfrey give that stunning look and poise? Yes, it’s their Dress, and obviously their brains. The command, leadership quality, authority, and their attire are all interlinked. Power Dressing conditions authority which entails respect for the person in command.

3. First Impression is the Last Impression

Admittedly, we can’t deny the fact that we have no control over our first impressions. People tend to self-digest the person’s character just by their first meeting. Your seriousness towards work is portrayed by the way you dress. Can you imagine yourself as a CEO of a company, dressed up shabbily and clumsily in jeans and tees coming to the office, will you think of working with her? No right! So, that’s what the power of dress is.

4. Don’t Suit-up just for the sake of Suiting Up

Those were the days when business suits were meant only for the male section of society with padded shoulder blazers and coats to straight hem pants. Gone are the days! Women protagonists are presenting themselves in an equal power play with haute-couture dresses and tailor-fit coats and jackets. Today’s women in the corporate world are on a ramp walk showcasing power dressing and giving bold and authoritative goals in terms of work, career, and dressing…of course!

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