Work from Home to Stay Safe- COVID 19

Amid the growing cases of novel coronavirus around the world, offices, malls, restaurants, schools are shutting down, people are practicing social distancing and working from home. Usually, working from home is a laid back adjective by devoting an hour or so for work and rest is Netflix and Chill. Yet in such an era, where there are lots of telecommuting and work assignments one needs to be determined and stay professionally concerned towards the work for the foreseeable future.

Here, we share some tips and tricks for a successful on and off screen working while self-quarantined:

1.Use your commuting time

Commutation takes one to two hours for most of us which in the self-quarantine stage can be used in a fruitful way. Start a new hobby like sketching or reading a book or yoga, anything that interests you, instead of working early and ending late.

2.WFH Smart Dress Code

When working remotely and virtually from home, you are more relaxed and have the freedom to dress like no one’s watching. However, one needs to follow an ethic to dress well when they are being watched – in the video conferencing. Dress fully or at least half till your torso, as we have some comfy dresses plus tops and blouses to fight against your dilemma.

3.Watch your Posture

We all know curling up like a foetus and working on a laptop is the best posture one can have, but one needs to also acknowledge that it promotes lethargy. Incorporate work etiquette even while working from home, by sitting up straight on a proper table and chair.

4.Pre-plan the work environment

It’s embarrassing when your friends or family friends accidentally appear in front of the camera or their voice is heard out during the video conferencing call. To avoid such mishaps, devote your working hours in a separate room or a study room where all the distractions are prohibited.

5.Take a break or a nap

It is quite important to release stress and stretch out a bit in between work. Take a stroll , or a power nap, do a little meditation, do anything that pleases you, except for being glued to the screen. Give rest to your eyes and rest of the body.

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