Modern Women’s Workwear – A recipe for success

Earlier many working women mimicked men by wearing mannish tailored work suits to the office complete with a scarf standing in for the ties in their necks and today, fortunately expressing personal style in the office is no longer taboo.

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Who is Feeling Lucky today?

The professional dress rules have loosened up a little in the past 20 years, and now no women feel any weird to look feminine. There are, however, guidelines for workwear in many workplaces, and for that one should take their work wardrobe hints from women in higher-level positions. Modern corporate wear for women has advanced lately and more options like lace dresses, peplum dresses, etc are coming into the picture as a more fashionable corporate look.

To all our Wonder Women-  We know that all that you want is to look polished, and for that, you must avoid looking like a fashion victim at work. The more distracting your accessory or any piece of clothing is, the less likely it is to wear to work.  Also remember that regardless of your position and where you work, the fit of your clothes is important, because not only are ill-fitting dresses uncomfortable, they are usually unflattering too.

Moreover, no matter what the work wardrobe is, it needs to be more formal than the “off-work hours” style. Shirt dresses and straight-cut dresses are perfect! It could even be the complete classic and conservative look with a shoe change, minus the coats and jackets to show off the office dress. This kind of look would be interpreted differently by everyone depending on where they are heading after work.

Try some Edgier Styles- Usually, this kind of stylish corporate uniform is suitable for those with bolder tastes. It pushes the “appropriate” boundaries a little but not enough to be excluded from the office dresses category. While this isn’t for everyone, it is a look you might see worn by a lot of modern businesswomen these days. LBV Fashion has a great selection of pieces to include in the office wear wardrobe for anyone who likes to make a statement.

Match a bold colored jacket with your modern tailored work suit or imagine a neutral or black lace dress and a modern style Cream Beadline Frill Jacket teamed with a bright coloured scarf to pop. Now if this isn’t edgy enough for a uniform, we  don’t really know what is!
Cream Beadline Frill Jacket- A must-have, elegant beadwork jacket for your wardrobe. Wear it however you want…be it on top of a dress or combine with a pair of workwear trousers and shirts. This jacket comes with delicate embroidered beads and pearl decorations shining naturally as you move, making a style statement. It can be closed neatly from the waist with hook ornament.

Satin Jacquard Peplum Dress- The sophisticated and stylish Satin Peplum Dress with paneled Taffeta sleeves is apt for every occasion. The luxurious jacquard fabric in the upper part forms a peplum giving an elegant sheen to the attire. This dress exudes exuberance and feminine charisma giving you a sense of self-empowerment. It is suitable for office wear and also for “after-work” parties.

Things to Note

  • Your professional dress shouldn’t chafe or bind when you are working.
  • It is also vital that you don’t wear dresses that are too casual or too sexy for work.

Neutral colors like gray, navy, and black, look more conservative and grown-up than other colors. While purchasing online, you should go with attire made from durable fabric and other materials that are heat and moisture-resistant. The work attire should also be able to resist stains and wrinkles.

Side Peplum Gray Jacket- This chic side peplum Jacket is an absolute classic charm to wear. It comes with a flattering side double peplum which falls gracefully forming a beautiful silhouette. You can keep the jacket open or closed with the hidden hook decoration. Perfect for wearing over a business casual dress for women or more occasional dress.

Fitting Advice: It is particularly designed for a Slim Fit, so take one size larger than your normal size.

The online shopping site for women’s clothing has a great selection of “Modern Women’s workwear”  to include in the workwear wardrobe for anyone who likes to make a statement. This can be your recipe for success, so shop today!

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