Significance of colours in Women’s workwear

Did you know that the colours in the workwear outfits signify something in particular about the wearer to the outside world? 

Yes, it is true….the colours reflect certain characteristics! So remember that wearing the right colours becomes crucial during key events such as job interviews, special occasions and business dealings. If you are an inspiring woman, focus on colours that may not just benefit your career but also narrow down the choices you make for your career and in turn the future. The colours that you choose for your workwear can greatly affect your mood and the way people perceive you.
Listed below are a few office wears for ladies along with a few interpretations of different colours and the best colours to wear to the office. So, the next time you get dressed you have the power to send out the message you want by choosing the right colours for your workwear.


The colour of innocence, the colour of fresh snow

White is a neutral colour that signifies cleanliness, simplicity and purity. It highlights the importance and the very existence of the individual and their ego. White symbolises traits that are uncomplicated and minimal for those who prefer to be all alone. White/Black Scarf Peplum Dress-This dress in white screams loud of perfection


Red can mean love, Red can also mean danger so beware!

Maroon indicates someone who likes to think through several things and analyse situations in detail before making a decision – no hasty decisions made! Maroon wearers are naturally tempted by power and assume responsibility or take control easily. 

Red is the colour of aggression and passion. It is also great for a first date as it is all about sexiness when worn. It is known to increase metabolism and raise blood pressure, which is why it is used for the stop signal and fire engines. Suggestion: Think twice before wearing it often to the office.

Smart choice- the very classy Button lining Peplum Dress in red!

PURPLE AND BLUE(The most stable colour)

Purple, the colour of royalty and luxury creates the magic in your workwear.

A purple or blue chiffon scarf can be a nice, subtle addition to any of the outfits worn to the office.

Blue- The colour of truth and wisdom. 

It indicates born leaders and long term visionaries. The colour suggests qualities of optimism, creativity and charisma. It also conveys a message of importance and confidence. It is quite often directly linked to the intellect  of the person.

Chiffon Pleated Sleeve Dress

This dress gives the wearer a sensation of luxury. It can be worn in two ways i.e with or without the statement belt that has been provided along with the dress.

GREEN– Nature’s colour!

Green means a “good to go” signal. 

This colour in particular has multiple meanings. Lighter shades of green signifies a summery feeling of freshness and vigor. The deeper shades indicate safety, balance, harmony and stability as well as a sense of envy, jealousy and inexperience.  Darker shades on the other hand denotes too much seriousness.  

Green Nokara Jacket

This jacketin green can be worn as an office attire over any of the work clothes for women or even for a social gathering with your favourites. This shade of green shows that you are dependable and trustworthy.


Orange is the colour of stimulation and enthusiasm. Along with red and yellow, this colour also grabs attention.

Yellow is a warm and cheerful colour that suggests happiness, energy and also draws a good amount of attention. 

Cowl Neck Drape Shearing Dress

This yellow dress forms a natural silhouette and stimulates joy.


Brown-the colour of stability!

Wearing the brown coloured outfits to work gives the women credibility.

Black-The most powerful colour

This colour indicates mystery, seriousness and is also considered as one of the most elegant colours when worn to the workplace.

Lux Cape Drape Shirring Dress

This Business Wear for women expresses unrivalled femininity..


A feminine colour- Good vibes only!

The nature of pink tends to be nurturing, charming and playful. Pink is also known to be a daring colour as it implies energy and positivity. 

Grace Lace Flare Dress

This dress in pink gives a feeling of richness and feminine charisma in abundance.

Point to note: It is important to be super conscious of how the colours that you choose to wear can be translated to reflect the look that you originally desired. 

The colours we choose to wear affects our mood to a certain extent, and that is why we request all of you, especially the working women: When given a choice please pick a colour that works best for you all the time.

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