Live Your Day in 9 to 9 Style

Let’s be real when we say office hours finish at 6 PM; well No! It doesn’t even after that, because there are some meetings that even take place after that. Sometimes lucrative business decisions or cracking up a deal happens over dinner rather than in a board room with black coffee. Hence, such a situation demands you to be in the right clothes suitable for both, throughout the day, if you don’t have time to sneak out of the office and get yourself changed at home.

To epitomize perfection, you can choose from various power attires showcased below. It might save your day!

Keep it Red for Perfect Control

Red symbolizes Control, Aggression, and Boldness. Be it taking business decisions and standing out bold amongst the other co-workers, or fostering new regulations, this maroon peplum bodice dress will be your savior.

Brighten Up with Monday Blues

Monday is doomed to be the worst day of the week…as felt by many. You are piled with a truckload of work, assigned new tasks for the week, meetings, and whatnot. And then your boss threw a surprise dinner party for all on completion of mid-year targets, this dress is perfect for the day throughout and after.

Slay the Day with a Jacket

Suited up doesn’t mean pants shirts and blazers, gone were the days of such ideology. You can be suited up with a Jacket and a dress too. This jacket is perfect for day and night occasions, giving a subtle look to your personality.

Lace it up a Jacket

Make a style statement in a meeting, interview, social account, or speaking at a conference with a semi-sheer Black Lace Sleeve Jacket. Perfect for all occasions from a day at work to a dinner date.

Make it Heard without Words- Importance of Power Dressing
International Women’s Day

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