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Give more power to your wardrobe with these favorite picks

Off duty or On duty, your attire plays an important role. Whether delivering a speech at the podium giving a presentation to the board, attending a business fair, or a lunch with a client, every time and every eye will be on you. We have some finest power pieces which not only give you an oomph but will make sure that it will give you a moment to Shine!

The Magenta Magic

Longline necklines are so not the choice, as it draws attention away from your face. This one-sided ruffled sleeve dress giving a natural drape will draw attention to your face and your words. You can carry this on you for a party or at the office. Wear a seamless bodice to avoid any bumps.

The Floral Hue

This perfect dress fits perfectly for all occasions. A stretchable wrap-style dress gives slender look and enhances every curve of your body giving a charismatic silhouette. 

Suit Up, Tweed Up!

Tweed coats have always made a fashion statement whether worn on dresses or suits. This grey peplum coat gives you a chic look when worn on a casual dress, top, or blouse.

The Lacy Affair

Lace sleeves and dresses are so in, so we decided to get you a lace jacket. This semi-sheer lace jacket brings an oomph and makes a style statement wherever you go. Perfect for dates and office parties.

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Make it Heard without Words- Importance of Power Dressing

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