How to Wear Your Favourite Colour: Black

According to color psychology, black, when worn on a special occasion, draws attention and justifies and regains one’s power. When women wear black, it passes on a subconscious message, whether trying to cover up their emotions or communicate respect and seriousness or create distance from someone.

Colors have their own impressions when worn and create an enigmatic approach. Black is one of those colors which falls in power dressing as well as when dressing up for a casual affair. LBV has different variants of black, be it in dresses or jackets that can be worn in and out office.

Lux Cape Draping Shirring Dress

Thinking about what to wear from Desk to Dine, here’s a black peplum-draped dress perfect for both occasions. The peplum shirring line starts at one shoulder line and drapes gracefully along the upper bodyline in an oblique, exuding sophistication. The dress expresses unrivaled femininity.

Lace Sleeve Jacket

Confused whether Jacket will overdo your look….well, if planning for just a regular jacket, the answer is NO! This lightweight lace jacket is one of the jackets which adds zest to your wardrobe. Thin shoulder pads have been added, giving the look of a narrow shoulder line. Perfect for dine-outs and client meetings.

Chiffon Scarf Jacket

Confused between a scarf on a jacket or without? This jacket is one of its kind where the confusion vanishes in a jiffy. This is a stylish jacket, combined with a chiffon scarf, falling elegantly along the neckline to the bottom of the stream. The scarf shearing from the shoulder line covers the upper body part forming a sophisticated feminine look. The fabric is lightweight that flows along the body, accentuating the waistline.

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