Get Ready for Christmas Party at Work

We completely feel your pain when you are in a hustle at a daily workday wardrobe, but that’s all settled and sorted somehow, and then….. there comes a season of festivities and merriness at work when the closet feels hungry for some new and up-trendy attires to set in. The competition to look chic yet professional is actually nerve-wracking, whether to wear something glittery or something lacy can be one of the problems too.

We often ignore the drama with numerous excuses and prefer to stay home and binge-watch Netflix. But this year, it’s time to ditch the drama and show up. It’s high time you show up for the grand parties and interact with your colleagues, show a different side of yours, and post an impression on those who you don’t meet on a regular basis. So, whatever you are planning to wear, it will play in accordance with the whole ambiance of the party.

We have whittled down some of our favorite attires to make the right impression, which will go for every kind of workplace. Keep your paws on your credit cards and start your shopping.

Say No to Glittery Dress, Instead Go Bold With Prints

Adele said, “Don’t Over-Glitter” and truly justifies our notion too if it’s an office party. We have a gorgeous collection of printed dresses that will draw your propensity towards such kinds of attires and leave behind the glittery ones. Top up the look with heels and a hint of nude lipstick.

The Evergreen Lacy Affair

Lace dresses never go out of fashion, it’s been in the 80s and 90s, yet it still exists with the same love for them as before. Whether going for neutral tones, opt for dark lipstick in reds and maroons; or if going for something in bright colored dresses, be it black or red or maybe blue, opt for nude shades of lipstick. And of course, don’t forget to accessorize yourself and put those flattery pump heels on.

Dark and Bright Combination

You have been working all day long and also had to rush to the party in the evening with a short time gap between; a Jacket is a quick escape to present differently from the day look. If wearing a dark color dress, go for a brighter-tone jacket and vice-versa. Black and Red are the favorite combinations for the festive and party season.

Cover it up with a Trench Coat

Sometimes when office parties are organized outside the premises or in an open location, the dilemma of looking chic and trendy and not a fur- ball stuffed in a sweater, questions your fashion sense. Trench coats go perfectly to avoid such mishaps. It not only covers you but also accentuates the feminine silhouette. Wear tights and a scarf to beautify the look.

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