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Why so Stressed?

Keep your head up lady, your tiara is falling…

Why so stressed? This a very common question when we look at people who are worried and edgy. Most of the research teaches us that women are more likely to develop anxiety at work and home than men, which results in an imbalance in their work and life. This occurs due to adverse reactions to extreme pressure put on and taken up on the shoulders and having the zeal to finish it up on time. That zeal somehow turns into an arduous journey that creates an enigma at work as well as at home. Your whole day goes thinking about that unachieved target or mission you are on, which caters to an unpleasant aura around you at home too, that hampers your relationship with the family as well.

Women face inimitable encounters in everyday life like childcare, grocery shopping, interpersonal relationship with family members or work peers, physical tension, daily meetings, targets, and deadlines which en route to bouts of stress. Here, we discuss some life-saving techniques that can make a bit of difference in your life and will create work-life balance:

1. Plan your day right

From snoozing the alarm and fighting yourself to get up from bed to yelling at the kids to get ready for school; from combating road traffic and the pressure of reaching the office on time to gobbling the coffee to compensate for something healthy, many of us reach work in a most bombarding way and more likely to gulp stress at work. This happens because we haven’t planned our day in a correct manner. When you kick start the morning right, you end the day well. All’s well that ends well.

2. Stand up for yourself

Be bold enough to combat things that are unlikely to obstruct your business or work and stand against your odds. Speak about the odds to your boss and call up for the requirements to finish the project. If you have no idea what is expected from you or if the requirements get shuffled every now and then provided by few details only, you will find yourself stressed and unproductive in the end. Strategize your project with your manager and ensure an unhindered approach to complete the job. This will shoo away the stress for you and at work.

3. Avoid office politics and Inexplicable conflicts

Unaccounted and inexplicable conflicts toll on your health mentally and physically. People talking ill about others, gossiping about things that do not matter much, giving religious lecture and opinions, and fighting for and against political issues in the country, doesn’t provide any solution to your job stress. Stay away from such people who come to the office to play ruthlessly, put their nose into other’s matters, and do not help other co-workers or work well. And if in any case this disturbs you or hinders your job, find a way out!

4. Walk, Eat, Drink, Sleep, Repeat!

Integrate frequent spurts of walks and stretch-outs in your day during work, mostly when you have a desk job. Start your day with some yoga or jogging and meditation which will keep you strenuous and refreshed throughout the day. Drink a minimum of 8-10 glasses of water and include a proper diet that pumps you up. Allow your body to get a rhythmic slumber during the night by switching off all the devices physically and mentally.

5. Seek Happiness, Go Social, Take a Hobby

Prioritize things that give you happiness. Give time to your family and friends on the weekends, watch movies or binge Netflix, listen to music, go shopping or for a romantic dinner with your partner, involve and take a hobby that soothes the soul. These materialistic things can be gifts to yourself and relieve you from stress.

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