Stay Confident & Dress Like You Mean It!

At the workplace, it becomes a competition between looking elegant and confident at the same time, and for a woman, it’s a mere challenge, as it becomes a competition between co-workers too. There are many ways in which you can amplify your personality and stand out in the crowd. From being a plaudit orator to carrying oneself in their own signature style. The personality of a woman can always be glorified. Here, we suggest some go-to techniques that can help you empower your persona.

1. Being Bold, Being Courageous, Being ‘Live By Verve’ Woman

Women are considered to be great and successful leaders. Women are crossing boundaries and already taking up professions that men have their foot on, but still, hesitate to fight against the odds. It is necessary at work to voice your opinion which in turn will grow your confidence. Often women hide their opinion due to fear of rejection, in such a situation treat yourself like a friend who faced a failure, with empathy and not sympathy.

2. Get ready for Success

The dress you wear creates a great impact on how you are recognized and what you feel. Find a piece that makes your skin comfortable to be in and fits well elegantly.  Wearing a blazer over a dress gives a suave look and personifies your silhouette. Wear appropriate colors according to time and occasion, obviously wearing black in a sunny outdoor client meeting will be a big No but wearing light bright colors will bring calmness to you and others too. Pair with the right heels and appropriate makeup and you’re ready to conquer the empire.

3. Step Up your Beauty

Being comfortable in your own skin is important but to enhance the beauty outside plays a vital role too. When up for a meeting or a boardroom conference, make sure you are not only well-versed with your Power-Point presentation but also your own presentation; meaning how you look. Your hairdo and makeup do the talking here, apart from you. Proper blow-dried hair or a bun claims to be perfect. Minimal makeup with a gentle glide of a nude lipstick/lip stain suffice the look. Don’t let the lipstick bleed on coffee cups or glass, if it usually does, make sure you use matte lipstick to avoid such discomfort. Such little things adds trustworthiness and competency to your look.

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